Pamela Slocum OAM is a well-known Canberra personality. Entrepreneur, promoter, event organiser and philanthropist, Pamela has a big heart and is the darling of many local charities. I am also happy to call her a personal friend, having worked with her on brand and promotions projects for her previous agency, Ideas & Directions. Given her design industry experience, I was honoured when she asked me to rebrand her for her new venture, PS Pamela Slocum, a business that is focused on her promotional writing talents.

I was at a distinct advantage when branding Pamela, knowing her so well. It meant that I was able to encapsulate her outgoing personality and boldness, with a flourish of creativity. The PS was the focus, being both her initials and a postscript. I selected a handwritten style for the lettering, pairing it with a highly legible bold sans serif font. Pamela’s personality demanded a statement, so strong colours and the dot or full stop were logical choices that Pamela loved. I also wanted to use an eyecatching pattern, so I illustrated one in her colours to use as a graphic device. Pamela came up with the tagline ‘spinning your yarns,’ and I added some more using the initials PS – powerful stories, precise scribings, playful scripting.

Once we had the logo and applied the pattern to her business cards, I turned my attention to the website. I put together some fun images as inspiration for the photo shoot that Pamela commissioned and she effortlessly got into character. The results sum her up perfectly, so all I needed to do was build the site with texture, pattern and dynamics. Perfectly Suited.