Sharon Grant’s reusable calendars and planners business was already thriving when she approached me, but she felt like she had reached a plateau and wanted to boost her online profile and website sales. She had already decided to change her name and this was a great opportunity for a brand refresh. As a graphic designer herself, Sharon was looking for a bit of inspiration to carry her business forward to the next level, an objective eye.

I started with colour. Sharon ‘s brand had been navy, grey-green and rich brown. I removed the blue and started with the other two colours (slightly adjusted) to create a new palette of fresh, feminine, modern tones. Sharon had some ideas about typography, so we worked together to find two fonts that complemented each other and had enough versatility to work with any of her designs. I then created some symbols in the style of the script font to give the graphics a flourish and updated her logo.

We worked hard on selecting images that summed up the new feel of Organising Life Beautifully, and I created a vision board and style guide that Sharon could work from to create her new website and Instagram graphics. I am happy to say that this little refresh helped Sharon to refocus and take her business in a wonderful new direction with a growing wholesale customer base, online marketing campaign and increased website sales. This project perfectly illustrates the power of a strong visual identity.