Amy Kennedy is a professional organiser who supports others to organise their home and life. She has helped hundreds of families within the Canberra region to ease the pressures of everyday life by reclaiming their space and time. Amy approached me because she wanted to refocus her business and attract a new demographic through a new website and visual identity. She also wanted to sell her guides and courses online. It was incredibly important that this website was easy to use and well organised, so we spent a lot of time sorting through her content and making sure everything made sense to the user.

Amy had a bee logo she loved, and wanted to keep yellow as her main colour. I suggested that we add a range of complementary bright and friendly colours to make the site inviting and dynamic. The typography we settled on complements her logo and is both welcoming and highly legible Рperfect for the all important headings that characterise the information on the site. I created icons to represent each of the areas of the home Amy organises, which have been  used on the site and within her online guides.

Amy had struggled to find library images that reflected her, so we made a shot list, planned a photoshoot, sourced props and painted backdrops. The resulting images are colourful, tidy, clean, welcoming and of course, well-organised.

This is one of the most extensive sites I have built, but it still feels simple to navigate. The visual identity has been very successful on the site, in print and on Amy’s social media. She was delighted with the result and has successfully used her new visual identity to support her business ever since.