This beautiful artisan toy maker is based on a farm in rural Victoria. Miss Molly is a dolly that has inspired wooden toys, made in the workshop by Dave and hand painted by Melissa. From baby toys to heirloom dolls, the range is Australian to the core and made with love.

Mel had been using one of her illustrations of Miss Molly as a logo for many years and nostalgia had prevented her from updating it, but she was aware of the need to step forward. After much discussion, she decided it would be a good idea to simplify. With a brand that had Miss Molly at its heart and soul, a new logo was a big responsibility. We talked about the need to keep it Australian, and to move a little way from the obviously feminine colours she had been using. I based the wreath on flowers that Mel herself had painted onto the toys, with gum leaves and nuts among the illustrations. I put together an Australian colour palette and picked out a font that looked like building blocks to reflect the toys themselves.

To say that Mel loves her new logo is an understatement. Her reaction when I showed her was the best I’ve ever had and she has embraced her new style with 100% enthusiasm.