Li Peng and Peter approached me at the beginning of their chocolate making journey in 2015. They were making exquisite chocolate from personally sourced beans in a pod they had built in their garden, with innovative flavours and pure ingredients. I created three concepts for their branding and packaging and they selected a natural, earthy look to reflect the product with a copper accent for a touch of luxury. Each flavour has its own pattern and colour scheme with a collage for texture. On launch, the chocolate was an instant hit and the packaging was part of the attraction. When all the flavours are on display together, the effect is quite beautiful. Jasper + Myrtle now operates out of its own premises, attends markets around Australia, sells through dozens of shops including David Jones and has won multiple awards.

Recent new products include chocolate covered nuts and dried fruits. For this packaging, we kept the theme of copper and pattern, but applied it to a cylinder with a copper lining for a real touch of luxury. I’m proud to say that these boxes won the gold medal at the 2019 Academy of Chocolate awards in the packaging category. The light and bright containers for the hot chocolate range are a recent and popular ¬†design and there are plenty of new products in the pipeline for this growing business, including exquisite gelato in golden tubs. I am thankful for the confidence that Li Peng and Peter have in me, and fortunate to have been involved in this brand from the beginning.


Photographs by Erin Dando and Lean Timms