I have worked with Federation Financial Services on several occasions. I started with a rebrand. They previously had a black & yellow logo and wanted to keep the colours, but update the look. The brief was trustworthy, reliable and contemporary. I updated the logo to include a shield icon – two F shapes facing each other with a uniform solid profile and a line between the words. The logo worked well in black, but I used the yellow as an accent and have since added a soft green.

Recently, I designed and developed the website. Michael Snape’s speciality is tailoring clients’ financial plans to their unique circumstances, so the imagery to back up the brand had to illustrate the lifestyle that he was helping them to achieve. The original website was rich in this imagery, but Michael was concerned that the messages weren’t succinct enough. We restructured the pages to contain targeted messages, refocusing on ethical and sustainable investment, the speciality of Michael’s new business partner, Dave Rae.

With black, charcoal, yellow and green forming a rich but neutral palette, the design is strongly divided into horizontal sections so that the information is easy to find. Watermarked keywords and solid frames echo the brand identity and are a theme of the site. The result is considered and stylish with contemporary flourishes that suit the business and its partners.