Canberra Fitness Centre was run by Jacqui Ambrus-Bonazzi, an experienced personal trainer with a clear mission. When it was open, CFC was not like other gyms. The focus was on community, appropriate classes and proper technique. With group fitness such as bootcamps, high intensity workouts and pilates, Jacqui’s clients got fit and stayed fit, exercising with good form in an environment that didn’t focus on what you look like. The small team at CFC also had expertise in pre and post natal fitness, olympic weight lifting and personal training.

Jacqui needed a new website that she could manage herself, but before we started on the design, I suggested some tweaks to her logo and a set of dynamic photographs that would make the site shine. While I didn’t change the shape of the previous logo too much, the proportions were inconsistent and the typography needed a refresh. I sharpened it so that the icon was more distinctive, allowing it to be used independently of the words.

We scheduled a big Saturday group workout for the photo shoot and I brought in Erin Dando to take action shots that would work in both black & white and colour. I built the site with scrolling movement and created lots of square tiles with motivational words that Jacqui could also use in CFC’s social media.


Photographs by Erin Dando