Base is a well-established local business, based in Bungendore, New South Wales. I have worked with Lianne and Mick for a number of years on their packaging, and was delighted when they approached me to create their new branding. They had worked through the process of analysing their business and its values so I had a lot to work with. They wanted mainly to emphasise that the business is a social enterprise, with profits being used to contribute to valuable community projects.

I focused on the four pillars of their business. The natural ingredients, the sustainable processes, the Australian location and the community involvement. Within a diamond shape, I created icons to represent each of these important elements. The word ‘Base’ speaks of solidity and the lettering is therefore simple and impactful.

With the brand and style guide established, we moved on to the packaging of the bar and liquid soaps. We selected colours inspired by the Australian landscape and the natural ingredients, and I designed boxes, bottles and pouches with the brand’s icons the main feature. We then photographed the products in a range of natural settings from outback rock to bush and rainforest.

Finally, I used the beautiful branding and photography to create an ecommerce website for Base and the new branding was launched with a very positive response.


Landscape Photography by Rushe Photography. Product Photographs by Lean Timms