This product is amazing! It literally cures any skin complaint, from chafing to irritation, burns, scratches and stings. Grace was a candle maker who one day made some lip balm. This pot of handmade goodness was the only thing to hand when husband Brenden needed to solve a particular chafing problem and … well the rest is history.

Irreverence was the approach we took, because, well, it’s balm for your balls. The tagline became “for when the boys are having a rough time” and it was a lot of fun to think up phrases that would get the conversation going. And since we started talking about it, countless mates have owned up to chafing and discomfort after sport, the beach and even day to day life. We’ve opened the conversation and stopped the suffering.

Grace had a basic logo when we started working together, but I adapted it, selected a masculine colour scheme and put together a photo brief. We had a lovely day in the studio with Brenden and Dan taking on modelling duties and everyone loves the results. Now we’re taking the approach that it’s not just for boys. Turns out, this balm works on the girls and kids too.

Grace’s little Australian made business is starting to thrive and we’re still having fun with the Instagram graphics.