Based in Gundaroo near Canberra, Artisan Paint Company is an Australian business that specialises in making quality bespoke furniture paints and painting supplies. Alison Gregory spent many years painting and upcycling furniture as well as importing products from Europe and the US, but became aware of the shortcomings of paints currently available. So she developed paints that are easy to use and come in a palette of colours that answer the needs of furniture painters.

The biggest challenge was to decide how to depict the full colour range online. Often, colours look different on screen and it was therefore important to give the best view of the paints. To this end, we set up three types of image. The first was the paint pot with a swatch of the paint on card. The second was an item painted in the colour and the third was a vision board that would sum up the feel of the colour. With a total of around 60 colours, this was going to be a marathon of the best kind!

Styling photo shoots is one of my favourite parts of design. After the planning, shot selection and prop collection, After The Rain shoots are enjoyable, fun and highly creative, and clients are always delighted with the results. Alison was no different. Once we had photographed the swatches, products and some lifestyle shots, I designed and developed a website that would make it easy for customers to view and buy this uniquely Australian range. I continue to work with Alison on her social media presence, including planning, graphics and video creation and promotion. I also curate and design the Artisan packaging.